About Me:
An Artist’s Journey

I’m Sandra, and my path to becoming an artist is both unique and intriguing. Here’s more about my background and what drives my artistic passion.

Childhood Inspirations

My love for nature and mechanics started as a child, influencing my creative perspective and leading me to a stable career of service in the army as a mechanic.


Retiring from the army in 2004, I embraced the opportunity to study art, earning both BA and MA degrees. My art today reflects those diverse experiences and reflections.


I find joy in teaching and problem-solving within my art. Sculpture is my primary focus, transforming sketches into 3-D forms. My paintings, meanwhile, stand alone.

Explore Some of My Work.

My gallery showcases my love for sculpture and nonobjective painting. I invite you to take a look and connect with me if you’d like to know more.

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